About Us

CEO Styyles.net 

Hi There!! Thank you for visiting our store. My name is Rabia, I am a graduate, Mom of two little girls. I have a very interesting story to share with you. 

     I started this store with an inspiration from all my colleagues and friends, along with my little daughters. Everyone admired and inspired me to open up this store. Right from my childhood, I had a unique taste for my personal appearance. All my jewelry selections were popular among my friends and colleagues. They always sought my help in finding out the best selections possible for them.

   This is where my journey started. Whenever I bought any jewelry I was always keeping an extra pair for my family and friends. And now I am extending that to the broader audience and now with the help of my friends and colleagues, I am here to serve the community. 

My little ones are my inspirations for me to continue on this journey and I am here to help everyone find the perfect styling products at an affordable price.

Please write to me at Rabia@Styyles.net

Founder & CEO of Styyles.NET