Necklaces are not just neck accessories, they are a means to complete your unique look. Traditionally, necklaces were means to showcase the taste, elegance, and affluence of an individual.

   Hence, people with rich taste always select necklaces with shining gems or diamonds. People who prefer decent looks select necklaces with pearls and pendants. Even a simple chain instead of a necklace can make a huge difference in your looks. 

   Whatever may be your selection for a necklace you can never go wrong wearing it. At Styyles.Net we offer following collections of necklaces.

Pendant Necklaces - A charm which dangles or hangs from a chain forms a pendant necklace. The pendant or charm can be of different shapes and sizes. Some people prefer a big pendant around a chain.



And some people prefer a smaller pendant.Smaller pendants usually will have no designs o it's own as it is not conspicuous from a farther distance. Pendants which are little larger will have beautiful designs and intricacies to make them attractive even from far distances. 


Collar Necklaces - A collar or choker is a style of necklace. These are
fitted necklaces which are worn around the neck, touching the skin, rather than longer necklaces which dangle. Chokers give trendy look and are very popular among girls.
  • Necklace Sets - They are necklaces which come in a set usually with similar earrings. They sometimes come along with matching hand bracelet or bangle and rings as shown in the picture below.

peacock purple necklace set